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Gaming on The Go?

If you’re into video games and have a sick whip, you just might want to have them both in the same place. What’s stopping you from having your Xbox installed in your car? Maybe you don’t know how to cram that bad boy in?

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First you need to find a reasonable size TV put mount in your vehicle. I wouldn’t recommend using a TV much bigger than 20 inches. Then you need your game console of choice (of course, it doesn’t need to be an Xbox).

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You’ll need some kind of pipe to mount the TV, but make sure it’s not too big so you can move the TV in or out of the vehicle. You’ll need to bend the ends of the pipe so it can rest on the handles inside the car. You should be able to drill holes through the pipe and align the holes up with the holes in the back of your TV for mounting. If you drill screws in the TV, it should be in place just fine. If you’re concerned about the TV moving around while you’re on the go, you can always add some soft protection in between the pipe mount and the TV.

Next you’ll need to buy a power supply. You’ll want to make sure you get a big enough battery for this. Add up the amount of watts the TV uses as well as the game console. You’ll probably uses some where close to 200 watts. You’ll then need a power inverter since most lighter plug outlets don’t work properly if you’re using something past a certain amount of watts. You’ll need to run a plug with wires, just like you would if you were connecting a stereo speaker to your car. You’ll need to make a plug that will connect to the inverter.

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Finally after connecting your plug, you should be able to plug in your TV and console of your choice and start doing some gaming. I advise anyone planing on doing this to have the game downloaded onto the console rather than playing it off of the disk. The disc spinning inside the console could be questionable because it could possibly ruin the disc if there is too much shaking while driving.  Have a safe and pleasurable gaming session on the road!

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