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How Do Cars Effect the Environment?

Many people cruise down the highway in SmartCars, Priuses, and various other models of hybrid and electric cars thinking that they are helping to save the environment; however they are quite mistaken. Due to lobbyists, government regulations, and false advertisements, it has become very easy to become misinformed when it comes to vehicles and their emissions.

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For example, many people who consider themselves “environmentally-friendly” may become angry when they see a big truck billowing black diesel smoke, however diesel exhaust is actually less harmful to the environment than the exhaust produced by gasoline, because diesel is less refined and burns more efficiently.

Most cars typically run on gasoline at this point in time, which harms the environment even more than diesel. Although diesel is less harmful to the environment than gasoline, the soot and nitrogen compounds produced by diesel are in fact more harmful for humans to inhale.

Someone who drives an electric car might say: “well my car doesn’t run on gas at all, so it must be great for the environment!” However, they may want to rethink their logic.

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Cars that do not run on gas or diesel are exponentially more harmful for the environment than diesel or gasoline powered vehicles. Most gasoline and diesel engines are made from aluminum or steel and use a recyclable battery which runs on an alternator; but not Priuses.

Electric and hybrid cars use a Lithium Ion or Nickel-Metal Hydroxide batteries. The Lithium Ion and Nickel-metal Hydroxide batteries used in Priuses are highly toxic, and if they are not recycled properly, they can do serious harm to the environment.

Here’s the real kicker: in order to produce ONE battery for a rechargeable car, more harm will be done to than environment than a single gasoline powered vehicle’s exhaust emissions could produce over it’s entire lifetime. The manufacturing of these hybrid batteries produces a significant amount of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, and also leaves behind nuclear waste. The nuclear waste is then pumped into mountains through large tunnels.

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If you don’t believe me, just check out what the National Center for Policy analysis has to say about Priuses. Research shows that a Prius will do more damage to the environment over 100,000 miles than a Hummer will produce in 300,000 miles.

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To put it most simply:

Gasoline harms the Earth a lot. Diesel harms the Earth less, but is more harmful for humans to inhale. Hybrid and electric cars completely destroy the Earth and the atmosphere, and are more harmful to human life than gasoline and diesel combined.

If you really want to help save the Earth, just walk or ride a bike.