Shoutout to the Car Community

The Checker is finally almost ready for the road. The license plates are on, and it should be ready for a test drive before the end of the week.

As the finished product begins to come together, I have gained a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into rebuilding a classic car. For example, this classic Volkswagen Bug is going to need a complete overhaul before it is ready for the road again.

(Classic Volkswagen Bug. Photo from Queen of Diamonds: First Project Car of 2017)

With enough determination, any car can be brought back to life. Even after spending 100 years rotting away in a forest, this 1906 Stanley Model H was able to be restored.

For many enthusiasts, a car is much more than just a method of transportation. Cars often carry sentimental value, such as Danny’s 1976 Ford Granada.

The process of building a classic car is incredibly rewarding. This post from Copart Auto explains what makes the entire process so fulfilling – from finding the car, to bringing it back to life.


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